We are committed to respecting | | the most precious asset: Nature

The environment and its natural resources are a primary asset that EMMEBI S.r.l. is committed to safeguarding, as also indicated in the Code of Ethics we have signed.

In the execution of production activities, we seek a sustainable balance between economic initiatives and unavoidable environmental protection requirements, firmly convinced not only that this is a responsible and necessary behavior, but also that sensitivity to these issues represents a real competitive advantage, in a global market that is increasingly demanding in terms of quality and ethics.

This is why we continue to invest in technologies, facilities and resources that respond appropriately to the needs of increasingly sustainable development.


Photovoltaic Panels

Choosing to operate in an area such as the Oltrepo Pavese, we are committed to respecting this area as much as possible.. Among the various measures we have taken, we have also joined the “Einstein project”, an innovative system of using alternative energy that is currently in the experimental phase.

Much attention has been paid to the removal and disposal of the old asbestos roof, which has been replaced by an efficient photovoltaic panel system. Environmental sensitivity and great emphasis onethics and business conduct. These are all elements at the heart of the company organization, which, since its inception, has based its operations on important values, such as integrity, honesty and fairness.


with enzymes,
disposal and
water purification.

We want our development to be truly sustainable, despite the kind of materials we process and handle. That is why the degreasing of metal components during the chemical nickel plating process is done with the use of enzymes, protein molecules that accelerate the biochemical reaction, as well as increase its effectiveness, tangibly reducing waste and, consequently, environmental impact.

Not only that: our plant is equipped with an innovative, state-of-the-art purification plant, which minimizes water consumption by recovering it from wastewater. EMMEBI S.r.l., therefore, independently recycles all internal water and, in addition, delivers spent Nickel baths to third-party disposers, which, in turn, process them according to regulations by processing them to extract electrodes for reuse in the electroplating industry.


LED lighting

Our plant is equipped with LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology lighting, which, compared to incandescent and halogen lamps, has the advantage of needing considerably less electricity, which, therefore, is produced from renewable sources.

In addition to significant energy savings, this type of lighting has higher efficiency and longer life, contains no harmful gases or substances, and cancels out infrared and ultraviolet emissions in the visible light spectrum.


Water-efficient planting

We also decided to reduce EMMEBI S.r.l.’s impact on the environment by giving nature back its space: most of the uncovered land at our plant is planted.

The choice was to prefer native vegetation that requires a reduced amount of water, in order to optimize consumption even of irrigation and respect our territory, the Oltrepo Pavese.

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Our factory is located in Lombardia, Oltrepo Pavese, in a beautiful, strategic and easily accessible location, at a short distance from Milano.

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